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Answers To Your Remodeling Design Questions
It's Your Home, Let's Make it Great!
Our philosophy is that home remodeling should do more than merely improve a home but make them great. Great does not mean spending more, it means making good decisions.
Therefore, Design Q&A has crossed the skills of architects and interior designers to fill the remodeling gap since 2005. We are excellent space planners, know how homes are built, and apply our creativity, great taste, and practical advice to every home. You'll love our excellent communication and we'll help you visualize your plans as well as provide drawings that builders understand.
Flooring - Paint color - Countertops - Tile – Trim - Lighting - Fireplace - Built-ins - Room Designation
All engagements start with a consultation because so we can see your home while hearing your ideas first hand. A 2hr consultation may be all some clients need to update their homes and we offer professional remodeling advice anywhere around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul. Your home may be dated, confused, or you’re deciding to ‘love or list’ your home. We’ll help you think through options and bring it all back together and up to date by concentrating on finishes. We’re very objective about your wants/needs and what’s needed to improve it to your liking as well as the costs associated with a potential remodel. Our consultation is guaranteed to give you more ideas than you expect as we apply we apply our practicality ideas, creativity, and good taste to fit your goals and budget.
Basements - Kitchens - Bathrooms - Master Suites – Mudrooms - Family rooms - Whole Floors - Additions - Even New Homes
Consultations start for larger remodeling projects too. We start with a discussion of your goals and throw around some alternative ideas that may be more functional or less expensive to execute. Together we’ll develop ideas that will make your home the most functional and best looking it can be. Any project that involves moving walls or rearrangement of space needs to be drawn and reimagined in scale. We create accurate floor plans of your existing home, develop multiple versions of possible improvements, and refine the plans with your feedback.
Once you decide on floorplan, we can create an accurate, full color 3D model of your project where can plan what your home will look like in advance before anyone carries their tools into your home.
Color - Siding - Windows - Doors - Roofing – Porches - Decks - Additions
Poorly executed siding projects were the genesis of Design Q&A as we noticed many examples of good money spent on siding resulting in little or modest improvement. We asked ourselves “why didn’t they just ask someone?” and decided right then to be the people to ask. We’ve been redesigning exteriors (formerly under the brand reVisionHome) for years and understand their difficulty and that most siding companies will give your home little thought.
We’ll think hard about your home and find ways to improve it given what’s on the table for change and your budget. Home exteriors are almost purely aesthetic and notoriously difficult to visualize. Some minor improvements can be discussed verbally but larger projects need 3D modeling to visualize all of the options and find the right balance of aesthetic details.


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