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Whether you want to remodel a room or your entire home, it all starts with our design consultation. Design Q&A of Minneapolis / St. Paul will understand your requirements and help develop your vision.

With Design Q&A's in-home design consultation, you can ask questions for any space, interior or exterior, and get our professional advice. This service is guaranteed to give you more ideas than you expect, make your home function better, and look great. Most of our clients only need a couple of hours of advice to get them on the right track.


Homes become dated as they age and often lost the ‘big picture’ as they were remodeled in stages. We aim to help you develop a complete vision for your home and understand how it can look crisp and timeless. We can address items such as flooring, tile, countertops, ceilings, trim, lighting, floor-plan, fireplaces, room designation, furniture layout, window treatments, and style. We can even talk about the ramifications of removing a wall for a more open floor plan.

Ask about anything from paint to removing walls

At Design Q&A of Minneapolis / St. Paul we like to keep payments straightforward with no hidden costs. You control the scope of what we discuss every space inside or outside are fair game and we do not hold back ideas for a later visit. Most clients get everything they need in a couple fun and informative hours. Therefore we charge by the hour for this time and our fee is payable by check or cash after the consultation. Our ideas, monetized by time, are the only way we have to make a living.


We will not charge for travel time but charge for minimum number of 2 hours when travel time exceeds 30 minutes. Further destinations may require a higher minimum.

Consultation Cost

"Such a great help! Paul is great at picking paint colors, updating, arranging furniture for purpose and appearance and using what you already have...I highly recommend!!!"

-Lori Anderson, via Facebook

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