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Visualize your new home design!

Use expert 3-D planning and design to view your space

3D Design practically pays for itself.

Some projects are too complicated for verbal design & visualization. The functions of kitchens, bathrooms, basements, master suites, & living spaces have probably changed since your home was built. We use 3D space planning as a tool to help you update the style and function of your space. When you purchase 2D and/or 3D space planning we use our listening skills, abundant creativity, experience, and good taste to re-design your space like you want it.


Better yet our designs, which you will own, save you money on construction and probably pay for themselves. A good design helps you communicate with contractors, shop your designs around, get apples to apples bids, makes competing contractors sharpen their pencils, and we have no incentive to get you to spend more on construction than you wish because our fees are not based on project size. More importantly you will see ideas before you commit to a plan with a contractor.

You will be able to see multiple designs viewable from any angle. You can pan, orbit, and zoom within the 3D designs which takes the guesswork out for you. Fun is fun but, you also get a lot more design/communication time and we truly listen/act on your feedback so your designs fit you. Once completed, you can use the designs as a roadmap to complete your project or we’ll provide additional assistance choosing materials if you wish.

3D design is just plain fun.

Do you need interior design for your Exterior? Check out our sister site, ReVision Home, for more information!

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At Design Q&A of Minneapolis & St. Paul we like to keep payments straightforward with no hidden costs. That said, it is difficult to determine cost without first understanding of your goals, parameters, existing space, and level of detail necessary. Therefore every project starts with an in-home consultation where we will provide a maximum estimate of the service you need. We discount the consultation fee and ask for 50% down payment to start work in the form of cash or check.


Our service is quite inexpensive given the time 3D takes and the sheer amount of information included. Therefore we do not offer free consultations unless the project promises to be large enough to cover the time. We are happy to provide a free estimate in advance for your project over the phone if you have questions about price. Call us today!


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